Lemie Estate

Many years of expertise in long-term financial investments

Who we are

Lemie Estate is a reliable investment services company with expertise and many years of experience in long-term financial investments, always having the investor’s interest and security in mind.
Our services

Our Services

Services provided at a pan-European level with significant partnerships with the leading companies in the field, both in Greece and abroad.


Real estate purchase & sale

At LEMIE we offer comprehensive services regarding the purchase, sale and valuation of real estate with 25 years of experience in the field.



Construction of buildings and residencies at affordable prices with excellent and quality results, always with respect to the environment.



Quality services for reconstruction, remodeling and renovation of all types of buildings and residences with professionalism and reliability.


Real Estate Management

We specialize in real estate management and take responsibility for the management of real estate and leases.

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Why choose us


With proper service, reliability and flexibility we can meet your every need and desire in the real estate sector.


Lemie offers its investors full security of investment capital in real and nominal prices.


With consistency, speed and responsibility, we are at your side for the best choice of a residence, commercial property or land.